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Trey & Matt

Yahoo!-Chat mit Trey Parker am 28.6.1999

host_david_poland: Okay... Trey Parker is here. Welcome to Yahoo! Chat!
trey_south_park: Thank you!

QuestionOfLust: Will you marry me?
trey_south_park: LOL! Sure, why not, no problem.

miguelper: what was your inspiration for south park?
trey_south_park: Basically it's a real place in Colorado, right in the Rocky Mountains. It's the town I grew up in. So most of the people and things in the show were based loosely on my childhood.
host_david_poland: Including Mr. Garrison?
trey_south_park: Yes, Mr. Hat, i had a teacher in Kindergarten who used Mr. Hat. Mr. Garrison was based on a teacher I had in college.

QuestionOfLust: Who does Ike's voice?
trey_south_park: Three different two year olds. Two little girls and one little boy. Depending on who says the funniest thing that week.

mariottt: did u or matt ever haved voice training or it's just an ability? how do you achieved that? any voice exercises?
trey_south_park: No training. But since I was a kid, I have mimicked people's voices. And got in trouble. I could always mimic people's voices and so could Matt. That's how Matt and I met in college.

Jediforce14: How long did it take to make this movie?
trey_south_park: All in all about a year and a half. We started the script a year and a half ago. That was a long time for us because a tv show takes us three weeks to make. So we spent a lot more time.

belldandy2119: How much did you have to cut out of the SP movie to get an R rating?
trey_south_park: The truth is we really didn't have to cut everything out. Everytime the MPAA told us to cut something, we just made it worse. Finally they stopped trying to tell us to cut things, because they knew the movie would just get worse and worse.
host_david_poland: I saw this movie and it's hard to imagine it could be any worse
trey_south_park: LOL!
host_david_poland: Were any ideas too much for you two?
trey_south_park: We really didn't hold back at all which people will see when they go see the movie!

Jordan_D_SNLFAN: Do you think the R rating will hurt the movie's success? Cuz in all honesty, despite the warnings, most of your viewers ARE under 18.
trey_south_park: Paramount wanted a PG 13 because Paramount told us how much more money a PG 13 would make. We didn't care, we didn't want to sell out like that. We knew it might not make as much funny but we made a much better film.

morfheus: Do you and Matt worry about upsetting Saddam H. ?
trey_south_park: Well, who cares, he's Saddam Hussein! No, actually -- Saddam, collaborated on the script!

Martin2Roy: Where did you meet Matt Stone for the first time ???
trey_south_park: At the University of Colorado Boulder, beginning film making class.

MistyChic_15: Trey,whats it like to be famous
trey_south_park: Well, we're only Grade C famous, we're not superfamous, so it's not so bad for us. I just shaved all my hair off so no one recognizes me anymore.

Daicheezmo: How did you get such a sweet ass?
trey_south_park: Crunches.

Squirt61280: I was wondering what you think of all the complaints about the South Park movie?
trey_south_park: I think we're used to complaints. When the TV show came out we were flooded with complaints, but we were flooded with critical praise as well. The same thing is happening with the movie. We just got reviewed in Time and Newsweek as one of the best movies of the year so...

kirchart1: did you guys ever intend South Park to become this big when you first created it?
trey_south_park: We didn't think it would be this big. We were going on Comedy Central. We thought at best we would hit like Mystery Science Theater level. But it really exploded and surprised everybody.

vin_man_nino: Trey, I read in a magazine that you are locked into a 70 episode contract with Comedy Central. After that is met, do you think you'd move South Park to a premium channel so you can be totally uncensored?
trey_south_park: I think we are almost as uncensored as we could be. It's not about what you can and can't say. It's about who the channel is willing to offend. And Comedy Central doesn't give a crap! Even HBO wouldn't let us get away with as much, because they're too worried about their image.
host_david_poland: Has Paramount given a crap with the movie?
trey_south_park: They are really scared, oh yeah! But when we first agreed to do a movie, we agreed that we would get final cut. So there's nothing they can do about it.
host_david_poland: Kubrick & Parker & Stone

Bugneedle: Trey: I wanted to ask you about "Wild Wild West." After reading your comments in Rolling Stone (which I enjoyed), I was amazed to see that Jay Leno scheduled you guys & Salma Hayek the same night. Plus, he was saying stuff like "Cat Fight!" What was up with THAT? Regards, Robert
trey_south_park: I have nothing against Salma, but Wild, Wild West represents to me eveything I hate about Hollywood, which is the studio conceived movie, put together in a board room by a bunch of old guys in suits. All they know is they're going to use an old TV show, put Will Smith in it, rip off a Stevie Wonder song on a rap, do a big video, and it's all about selling to kids -- not about how good the movie is.
host_david_poland: Let's get back into your movie a little...

BigBoy_16_99: Did you base Cartman after any one you know?
trey_south_park: Just the proverbial fat kid from everyone's past.Everyone has had an annoying fat kid in their pasts, or they were the annoying fat kid.

Baywatch_Lifeguard: When is Mr Garrison gonna finally get laid
trey_south_park: I just don't know who would do it with him, so it might be a while.

d_cottle: what is your favorite kenny death?
trey_south_park: Um, there was an episode where there was a plan made, and he was the plan B. He had to turn on the electricity while everyone was sipping cocoa and watching TV. He got electrocuted.

Bugneedle: Trey: Please discuss how this film relates to the series. Is it "dumbed down" at all for newcomers? Is it the first in a series of movies? Thanks.
trey_south_park: We decided to make a movie for fans. When we wrote the script we had to decide whether to make something more accessible and broad for nonfans or just deliver for fans. And we decided to make something for fans.

vin_man_nino: Trey, have you been approached to play Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars Episode II?
trey_south_park: No, I auditioned for episode one and failed.

Martin2Roy: Why are Terrance and Phillip from Canada ???
trey_south_park: Cause they were born there.

Empathy09: When did you know that you just had to make a South Park movie?
trey_south_park: We didn't. Paramount came to us wanting to make a movie. We said OK, but only if it could be R rated and we could have final cut. And they said no way, and we said no way, and they came back and said, OK, make the movie.

Puckerin: how do you guys get ideas for your episodes? do you accept them from your fans?
trey_south_park: People write scripts and send them to producers and on occasions we'll buy scripts. But actually so far all 36 have been written by me and Matt.

neonunion: What is it that Kenny says in the "South Park" theme song?
trey_south_park: Can I say this here? First season, he said "I like women with big vaginas. I'm also a fan of big, fat titties." And in this season he says, "I've got a 10 inch penis. Use your mouth if you want to clean it."
host_david_poland: Do you muffle his words with some effect or just talking to a sock or something
trey_south_park: No Matt just talks into his shirt sleeve.

Half_Baked_Stoner: Does kenny smoke buds?
trey_south_park: Kenny is too young to be smoking buds, he's demented enough, he doesn't need 'em.

vin_man_nino: Trey, it's fairly obvious that the Jackovasaurs are a parody of the Gungans, particularly Jar Jar Binks. Was this a tribute or an attack on Lucas' character?
trey_south_park: It was an absolute attack. I hate Jar Jar. There is also a big attack on Jar Jar in the movie.

trey_south_park: I haven't seen it yet, we were busy finishing South Park.

QuestionOfLust: Who are some of your favorite directors?
trey_south_park: Definitely, Kubrick's my favorite which is why I'm really looking forward to Eyes Wide Shut.

a_gallant_guy: hey trey, what kinda music do you listen to?
trey_south_park: I still listen to Primus the Cure and all the bands I listened to in college.

Bugneedle: Trey: Will all the stuff you had to cut out of the film show up again on DVD? Thanks! Robert
trey_south_park: There was nothing we had to cut out of the film, so there's nothing to put on DVD. It's all in there.
host_david_poland: What about the TV show? Anything that could show up on DVD?
trey_south_park: Actually, most of the things that we've had to cut ouf of the TV show the last two years, we've put in the movie. So the movie kind of is the uncensored DVD of the show.

dunham_john: What is your opinion of the negative press the show has been receiving lately, and the reports of it's being "over"?
trey_south_park: It's just funny. Because that report was a press release made by FOX, saying that we used to be at an 8.1 and now we're at 4's and 5's. But they don't say that we were on the cover of Rolling Stone, Spin and Newsweek, and that week we got an 8! And then we've dropped back down, we're still one of the highest rated shows on cable. So FOX put out that release saying it's over because they want it to be. It's really fucked up.
host_david_poland: Was Fox promoting The Simpsons or something?
trey_south_park: When you do a show you see Hollywood and how it works. And networks and cable channels are always trying to screw each other over. And Rupert Murdoch was sick of hearing about South Parks success. So he initiated that press release.

Roland_156: Are you satisfied with the South Park video game?
trey_south_park: I personally didn't like it. I don't think Matt did either. We just do the show, you can only have so much control over all the merchandise.

d_cottle: what do you wanna do after sp?
trey_south_park: Go to the country, raise a family and get the hell out of Hollywood.

kylekennystancartman: When willl kenny's face be revealed and whats the adress to get autographs from you
trey_south_park: It's revealed in the movie actually. The address, I don't know it off hand, but it's Comedy Central in New York. It's listed.

Dr_Dan469: How did you guys do in high school?
trey_south_park: Both Matt and I were honor students. We got in trouble a lot, but I think we were both 3.5 to 4.0 students.

bradrousse: Have you EVER worried about upsetting a certain group?
trey_south_park: No, you can't worry about one group, you just have to offend everyone equally, and I think we do that pretty well.

Gilles_99: have you ever heard south park in french? what did u think of it?
trey_south_park: I heard it and it made me laugh really hard. Hearing Cartman say "Bonjour chef"!...
host_david_poland: Were the voices really close to yours?
trey_south_park: They did a good job actually.

Sockmonkey_1: How many paper cuts did you receive while filming and putting together your first episode?
trey_south_park: Tons. That's why we went to computers for the rest of the series.

i_killed_kenny00: Can I have a kiss? ;-)
trey_south_park: OK.

compute_x: Trey what was it like tongue kissing Matt in BASEketball?
trey_south_park: We got the biggest bottle of Listerine we could find. And we both gargled it right before so we wouldn't taste anything.

sweet_asha: Hi! I just have to say I love South Park! Anyway, my question is, if you could spend a day with one person, living or dead, who would it be and why?
trey_south_park: Right now I guess I'd say Salma Hayek. And it's really obvious why.

trey_south_park: Germany.

longhairedfreakydude: Do you dislike Mormons??? Pleez answer me
trey_south_park: Not at all. I grew up with Mormons, and my first two girlfriends were Mormon. It's not a dislike, I was just around them a lot. I think they're fine people.

sphadoinkleday: Will your band DVDA ever put out a full album? Your band rules!
trey_south_park: If the movie tanks, and our careers are finished, then we can focus on the band again.

HBKRULESDX: If you have/had kids would you let them watch the movie/show or would you wash their mouths out with soap every time they say soemthing like Cartman ?
trey_south_park: I would let them watch the show. When I was a kid I watched Monte Python from the time I was seven years old and it didn't hurt me. Look at me!

spell_caster_69: what did your family think about the show?
trey_south_park: My dad is a huge fan and my mom is a little confused. But she thinks they're real cute.

gravy_182: How much money do you make?
trey_south_park: About 1/100 of what Will Smith makes.

chattin_adam: Trey, can you use my name in an episode? My name is Adam.
trey_south_park: That should be easy.

marymargaret99: what is your favorite position?
trey_south_park: Sitting at a bar.

kiendas: Are you on the net often?
trey_south_park: Yeah, for the normal searching things, and need information for a show. But not recreationally, we don't really have time.

vin_man_nino: Trey, do you prefer either Star Trek or Star Wars? Your show includes references to both.
trey_south_park: I think there is room in the world for both, I love both. Until the new Stars Wars came along and kind of ruined it for me.

tweek_coffee: I was wondering what type of qualifications you would need to get on to the south park team?
trey_south_park: You'd have to be really hot. And have a lot of money.

MistyChic_15: Do you ever get mobbed by girls
trey_south_park: Never. I think that's more for rock stars.

Squirt61280: What is the meaning of Bigger, Longer and Uncut?
trey_south_park: Exactly what it is. The movie was called South Park: All Hell Breaks Loose. And the ratings board said we couldn't use the world Hell in the title. So we said, Bigger, Longer and Uncut and they said OK. They didn't get it.
host_david_poland: You and Jack Valenti of the MPAA are hanging out together at The Penisula these days, I guess...
trey_south_park: It's pretty cool.
host_david_poland: What do you think is wrong with the ratings system?
trey_south_park: It should be a parents' decision, not some committee. And NC17 is a rating that says even if you think your child is mature enough to see this film, you still can't take him. And Matt and I are big opponents of undercutting people's freedom.

meredith123456: trey how do you feel knowing that parent totally disagree to the movies you make ?
trey_south_park: I think it's fine, I think it's a parents' choice. Parents have that choice to decide that my movies suck. But the government or a committee should not have the power to decide whether or not my movies can be made.

poohsplit: trey, does it hurt doing cartman's voice? my vocal chords are about dilapidated since i first saw south park trying to imitate him....
trey_south_park: Yeah, especially there are a few, Cartman has a few songs in the movie and they really hurt do do.

Chonas14: How did you think of Mr Hanky??
trey_south_park: My father did. I didn't flush the toilet when I was a very little kid, and my father said that if I didn't start flushing the toilet, Mr. Hanky was going to come kill me. So I started flushing the toilet.
host_david_poland: So he wasn't as cheerful as on the show...

kirchart1: what's your favorite cereal?
trey_south_park: Cocoa Pebbles.

trey_south_park: They were very different experiences. Baseketball was just acting, we didn't have to come up with anything so it was a little easier. South Park we did all the voices, music, writing, etc. so it was a much more Matt-Trey experience.

ontariophreak: Where did you come up with the names?
trey_south_park: It's always just like a Rorshach test, a name pops in your head and you write it down, the first thing you think of.

emeral2002: Which voices do you do on south park?
trey_south_park: I do Cartman, Stan, Mr. Garrison, Mr. Mackey, Mr. Hanky, Ned, Satan, I think that's about it. And Phillip.

trey_south_park: I think those videos come out in like three weeks, that run of shows.

trey_south_park: Hi, and you still haven't really talked to me.

entrejambe: Matt, you change his name to Ash, so it can be Ash-Trey.
trey_south_park: That is the single dumbest thing I've ever heard in my life.

KnightSouthOfBoston: Trey: why is it always Winter in South Park?
trey_south_park: Because it really was growing up. It snowed like 10 months out of the year.

peckerface69: why was the jesus vs santa never shown.
trey_south_park: Well, look at it, you can't air it on TV, it would be like showing the movie on TV, it will never happen.

LizzyDarcy: are you possessed by satan?
trey_south_park: Not at all.

thebull1111: How are the european markets handling South Park and BaseketBall?
trey_south_park: South Park is one of the number one shows in the UK, Australia and France right now.

ratfink99: Are you and Matt really close friends or do you just work together?
trey_south_park: We were friends first, and well, I think we'll be friends last too.

llohans: will the kids ever grow up or will they be 8 forever?
trey_south_park: We don't know, we only do the episodes like three weeks ahead of time, we don't plan where we're going in the future.

pietermakely: Does Kraft dinner make Terence and Philip fart, or would they fart anyway even if they ate other frozen dinners?
trey_south_park: They would fart no matter what, but Kraft dinner makes them smart.

Sookinsin: Do you or Matt hope to run for any political office?
trey_south_park: Never, no way.

Patrick_0303: Hey Trey, forty years ago i was too young to "get" Rocky & Bullwinkle. Now, i know R&B and South Park are hysterical. I suspect you will be interviewed about South Park several generations from now. Are you prepared for that?
trey_south_park: I think I'll be long dead by then. We didn't farm this show out. Matt and I have done and plan to do every episode. I hope one day people will at least respect us for that and see that we at least tried to do something different.

morfheus: So did the title word "uncut" come from any personal experience?
trey_south_park: Well, Matt's Jewish and I'm not. But we're both pretty uncut guys!

butterflies2013: Do you really have anything agianst Canada?
trey_south_park: No, we love Canada. But you know, they're just so defensive. Canadian interviewers are just so happy they we even acknowledge them and inform people that they are a country.

Bugneedle: Trey: I'm amazed at you and Matt have been able to accomplish. Any plans on telling your story in some kind of "Making of South Park" book?
trey_south_park: Yeah, it would be a pretty obscene book. Maybe sometime to write a book would be fun. We've seen the dark sides of Hollywood for sure.

misscelley: Is it really cool to hear people quote you and the characters you created?
trey_south_park: Yeah, it's cool like once or twice a day. After that it's not so cool.
host_david_poland: How many times a day do you get it?
trey_south_park: It depends on where I am. If I go out somewhere it can be a lot.

freakchic007: Can I have your e-mail address? I love you:)
trey_south_park: Sure, its abcd1234...

pvburton: What's the best thing about the fame? The money, the women, or the feeling of self-satisfaction?
trey_south_park: Women.

trey_south_park: No, we didn't, we missed it. but we've gotten to be really good friends with those guys. Actually Matt produced a track on their next album

OhMyGodTheyKilledDarthMaul: I have heard that your goal is to piss as many people off as possible ..... is there any truth to this?
trey_south_park: You can't start writing a script with the idea of who should we piss off this week. You just have to start with a story and a them, and then you just piss off people in the process.
host_david_poland: It's your natures....

JaredA316: i was just wondering if you ever talked to the president..and if not if u had the chance what would u ask him?
trey_south_park: I haven't, if I did I would probably just say, Don't hit me...

krazed_0ne: so trey do you have a girlfriend yet? cause i still have a mental picture of you and matt making out in the BASEketball movie?
trey_south_park: I just got a new girlfriend last week. I had a first date and took her to the premiere of the South Park movie. So it was a pretty good first date!
host_david_poland: Smoooooothhhhh....
trey_south_park: She's hot too!

Great_Guy_100: Do you know if Roger Ebert has given the movie "thumbs up" or "thumbs down"?
trey_south_park: I'm pretty sure I know where he put his thumb but I haven't read it yet.

ScottNYY: I heard george clooney's voice in the preview, any other stars lend you there voices
trey_south_park: Yes, Minnie Driver did a voice, and Eric Idle from Monty Python. Mike Judge did a voice. And Brett Spiner from Star Trek, he played Conan O'Brien. That's about it. Oh, Dave Foley from Kids in the Hall.
host_david_poland: So, what is your relationship with Mike Judge.. are you guys competitive?
trey_south_park: Not at all. Mike was very supportive when the show first came out and he gave us a lot of advice. He's the one who told us, it'll come out, get really popular, then they'll be a backlash, and then you'll make a movie... it happened just like Mike said. He's a great guy.
host_david_poland: Last couple of questions for Trey....

Chonas14: How did you think of the thing with Kenny??
trey_south_park: We started making the cartoons in college. And we thought we'd only make one, and Kenny died. Then we made another one, and Kenny died again. We never thought we'd have to kill him so many times!

zack_mason: Are there any "secret" jokes we should be keeping an eye out for in the movie?
trey_south_park: One thing that people haven't picked up on is that you have to look really hard for Mr. Hanky and Jesus. But they are in the movie.
host_david_poland: Wow! I didn't see them... Amazing
trey_south_park: We love you guys, and we think we gave you the movie you'd want to see. So thanks a lot.
host_david_poland: Thank you, Trey for taking the time to chat with us tonight