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Trey & Matt

Trey Parker in der "Tonightshow", Herbst 1998

JAY LENO: Alrighty my next guest is best known as one of the creators of the hugely popular show "South Park". He also wrote, directed and stars in the film "Orgazmo" which opens October 23rd. Please welcome Trey Parker!

(Trey comes out)

JL: Now this is your first time here without your partner Matt Stone..your Co-Creator

TREY: I know it sucks. I'm really nervous.

JL: Are you nervous?

T: Yeah..yeah..I always have matt with me. I said... I said "Matt, please come do the Tonight Show with me." And he's such a bastard, I hate him cause, you know. And I know... I know that he's just gonna be sitting there watching this you know in bed with a drink just going (makes laughing noise) watching me be nervous.

JL: Yeah

T: I hate him. I really do.

JL: Cause I know he usually shaves and combs your hair for you, doesnt he?

T: Yeah. He does and I'm nothing without him.

JL: Let me ask you about your movie "Orgazmo". This, this title is... fascinating to me. It conjures up certain images maybe I'm not all that clear. Is this... you made this film a little while ago? Was this before..

T: Yeah this is the thing. I actually made this movie almost 3-2 years ago. Way before "South Park" and it was actually on the set of "Orgazmo" that Matt came up to me and said we just got a, picked up for a TV Show, so. But its kinda weird now because I wa- and you know people when they see it, I look like I'm about 12. Because it was like 2 years ago, but "Orgazmo" has done this to me. I mean "South Park" has done this to me. I've aged about 40 years.

JL: Easy!

T: its kinda like watching like home movies, you know.

JL: Well what is it about? "Orgazmo"? the title... it seems to have...

T: Its sorta... Its' about a nice morman missionary who's going door to door and ends up in the porno business.

JL: So its a true story?

T: Yeah the typical sorta thing.

JL: Did you research this film?

T: Well... I... you know we had a friend who was in the porno business-

JL: Yeah!

T: No seriously he said "you guys should come see a porno shoot be done".

JL: This is her (Reese Witherspoon) Dad's worst nightmare. Her father came here tonight to protect her from people like you!

T: (turns to Reese) So we're at this porn shoot right? And uh..

REESE: Tell me more!

T: And it literally like, the movie just kinda wrote itself. I mean we just sorta watched and you know this was back when we were sorta the struggling independent film makers and the whole reason we wanted to make this movie, the only reason we wanted to make this movie was so we could take it to sundance and piss people off. Because that's where a lot of mormons are. But um, and not that we have anything against mormons, we don't at all and in fact the mormon in this movie which is who I play he wins and he's the good guy.

JL: Yes he is a good guy.

T: Yeah yeah..

JL: Now I understand you have a big party, it's at the playboy mansion?

T: Yeah. October films who picked up the movie, they're having a premiere party at the playboy mansions so. On like Sunday. Dennis (Rodman) is coming actually so.

JL: Really? Now the rating is controversial. The rating is NC-17? Do you have a problem with that?

T: It is SO ri-and anyone, if you ever see the movie down the road or whatever. It is the most ridiculous rating. There's no nudity in this film, there's no sex in this film, and there's no violence in this film. I mean there's like Kung-Fu fighting... but it's all.

JL: They just don't like you?

T: I think they don't like me. And I think I offended them. Somehow.

JL: Is there language? Why is it NC-17?

T: It's gotta be language but I can't believe they gave us an NC-17 just for the language. It's not... and thats the problem now is that now they're touting it as "oh its an NC-17 comedy it must be really raunchy". It's not that raunchy. I have a feeling the MPAA would rate "South Park" like NC-17 too if-

JL: Now what is it rated on TV?

T: Well, Comedy Central sorta gets to rate it themselves. So they rate it TV mature which is fine but-

JL: It's really TV immature. We have a clip from the film. People can judge for themselves. You say this is the action clip?

T: Yeah but this is just action. This is... I've just gone to try to convert some people as a mormon missionary.

JL: Alright, lets take a look. "Orgazmo"

(they roll "Orgazmo" clip)

JL: "Orgazmo" now I imagine...

T: See, I look like I'm like 12...

JL: No it's alright...

T: I'm like 12 years old in that.

JL: It's called acting.

T: Oh

JL: Now let me ask you now that you're a man about town about the personal life: Are you meeting women? Getting out? Going to clubs?

T: No, it's the same as we've always said. I mean we go... and we'll go to clubs and it's like okay... we'll just kinda stand there like "hey, we're South Park guys" and uh and we just get bombarded by like- (pauses to look at Reese who is laughing uncontrollably) -we just get sorta bombarded by like 21 year old guys. You know what i mean?

JL: You know what I think? Maybe you're going to the wrong clubs!

T: Yeah you're probably right.

JL: You might want to try the other side of Hollywood.

T: Right right right right.

JL: It opens October 23rd.

T: Right

JL: And it looks like a lot of fun!

T: I liked it.

JL: We'll check it out. Okay! Thank you, Trey!