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Trey & Matt

Offizieller South Park Studios Chat mit Matt Stone am 5.4.2005

[07:57:59] <@miles> Greetings, Matt. Thanks for joining us.
[08:01:16] <@mattstone> okdoe ready
[08:02:10] <@miles> The folks have a lot of questions for you; is there anything you'd like to say before we begin?
[08:02:41] <@mattstone> Only that it's tuesday here at south park, and that means general mayhem trying to get the show done[08:02:44] <@mattstone> Good times
[08:03:22] <@miles> Alrightly then.
[08:03:32] <@jolon> ok, well, let's get going and let you get back to it!

[08:03:37] <@miles> So first question comes from airmancoop44: What's going on with Baseketball's Actor Cut? Is that actually happening?
[08:04:19] <@mattstone> I don't think Universal or David Zucker would let us do it unfortunately
[08:04:31] <@mattstone> And we don't need anymore work

[08:04:43] <@miles> hah, okay. Nex from Zakor, Do you have anything against vegetarians? Referring to Fun[08:04:43] <@miles> with veal
[08:05:27] <@mattstone> Not categorically... But I do find it wierd that vegetarians are always sick and pasty and lifeless and look like they are about to fall asleep
[08:05:32] <@mattstone> Not all of them, but a lot of them

[08:05:39] <@miles> KimmoA asks, How did Kenny afford the PSP in the last episode?
[08:06:15] <@mattstone> GOOD QUESTION!!! I don't know, we thought of that too late to fix it... Maybe he shoplifted and then returned the merch or someething
[08:06:21] <@mattstone> But it makes no sense

[08:06:46] <@jolon> ok, from librtarianbob -> matt, are you a libertarian or are the messages in your episodes not supposed to convey that?
[08:07:56] <@mattstone> The messages in the episode is really just Trey and I kind of moral perspective. If you heard my personal views, they probably are more libertarian then anything. But we never think politically from eth beginning. Its whatever the story demands.

[08:08:11] <@miles> renobabe16 -> Are their any plans for a new South Park movie or a new
[08:08:11] <@miles> movie in general?
[08:09:11] <@mattstone> No plans as we speak. We are still recovering from Team America. We won't do another SP movie unless we think of a great idea. In other words, no deal or announcement until the idea comes. So far, we haven't come up with anything that would do justice to the first one.

[08:09:33] <@jolon> From [30] Jonni -> If you could choose to fight eihter Björk or Bobby Fischer, which would you choose?
[08:10:00] <@mattstone> If by fight, you mean fuck... I'd have to say Bjork.

[08:10:15] <@miles> BRi7X -> What advice do you have for people who wish to get into the
[08:10:15] <@miles> animated film business in the future?
[08:11:43] <@mattstone> I came in through the back door myself. We are in our own little bubble here at South Park. So I can't really tell you. Maybe just watch a lot of Pixar movies...

[08:12:02] <@jolon> From unknown: Are You Bigger, Longer, and Uncut?
[08:12:52] <@mattstone> I'm bigger then Jeremy Piven and longer then Gary Coleman but unfortunately, I'm a jew.

[08:13:03] <@jolon> from Hanzon -> I go to film school in Sweden, what's your best tip for a film-maker who's just starting out?
[08:14:03] <@mattstone> make movies. It sounds stupid, but don't spend your time making your Citizan Kane. Cuz it won't be anyway. Make a lot of little movies. Make them cheap. But Just make a lot.

[08:14:19] <@miles> Several users have asked: Are you going to do anything in the near future about the Pope?
[08:14:54] <@jolon> from Swede -> How's DVDA coming along?
[08:15:01] <@mattstone> We were waiting for him to do last week for the Heaven and Hell episode but he kind of held on. No plans, but even I don't know what's on the air next week.

[08:16:26] <@miles> [109] bL66DkL6TT -> Matt, in "South Park is Gay!", was the whole Crab People thing your idea, or what? I don't know, to me it just seemed like a genuine "Matt" joke."
[08:17:53] <@mattstone> I wish I knew what a "Matt" joke was. If you mean a last minute, desperate attempt to make an episode make sense, then yeah I guess it was. Crab People is always thought of as the height of our procrastination coming back to bite us (or pinch us I guess.)
[08:18:08] <@mattstone> But I didn't think of crab people alone

[08:18:11] <@jolon> from [241] Henbob -> Hey Matt. Does Trey put all of the jew jokes in just to piss you off?
[08:18:18] <@mattstone> it took a roomful of writers and me and trey
[08:18:41] <@miles> several users have asked: So... what's with Hawaii? And is Lemmiwinks coming back ever?
[08:18:43] <@mattstone> Trey puts jew jokes in the show because jew jokes are funny. I think so to.
[08:19:15] <@mattstone> Hawaii was the 50th state as far as I know. And yes Lemmiwinks will return someday.

[08:19:49] <@miles> [132] Hanzon -> I heard rumors that you and Trey were planning a remake of "Cannibal! The Musical". Is this true?
[08:21:00] <@mattstone> we thought about redoing it with a huge budget using the same original cast. We're all about the right age now for the parts. Kind of a funny idea. We're more into ideas then the actual doing of it. Kind of like the actor's cut of Basketball.

[08:21:15] <@jolon> from rinygrin -> what does matt think of harry potter?
[08:22:03] <@mattstone> I have not read the books but I know a lot of people who I respect who love them. I thought the movie was crap. I hate watching kids in a constant state of wonder.

[08:22:15] <@miles> [158] Zwerg-im-Biki -> Chef didn't sing for a long time... did it just became boring or are there other reasons?
[08:22:38] <@mattstone> It just became "the thing we do" As soon as we here that, we change.

[08:23:13] <@jolon> from Statik -> would you feel wierd if you saw gilbert godfrey at 7-11, and he said he hated you?
[08:24:17] <@mattstone> I guess I would feel mostly wierd about him being in a 7-11. What's he doing here????

[08:24:33] <@miles> JibFlank -> Any plans for a new Terrance and Phillip episode? Or where are they?
[08:25:21] <@mattstone> I LOVE TERRANCE AND PHILLIP!!! We're always afraid of another viewer revolt. Even though it was almost a decade ago.... The wounds run deep.

[08:25:35] <@jolon> from JibFlank -> If you could jump in a pool of any food what food would it be?
[08:26:12] <@mattstone> I would jump in a pool of chipwiches. They would break the fall too. I love chipwiches.

[08:26:23] <@miles> pote -> Are you gonna have any towelie appearances this season?
[08:27:07] <@mattstone> I don't think so this season. Vernon Chapman, who is the voice of towlie has his own show on m2 now called wonder showzen. Check it out.... It's amazing.

[08:27:21] <@jolon> from Shinnokxz -> Matt, what video games are you currently into?
[08:27:55] <@mattstone> I just finished Resident Evil 4 and right now I am playing God of War. I like shoot and slash games. Trey plays a little more strategy types.

[08:28:15] <@miles> harDCore -> Is kenny now officially dead? If so will he ever appear again?
[08:29:00] <@mattstone> Kenny is not now or will he ever be officially dead. When he appears again is up to him. And by him I mean Trey and I, so that means maybe even tonight. Or next week.
[08:29:11] <@mattstone> I mean wed night

[08:29:17] <@jolon> from KimmoA -> Will the South Park kids ever advance another year?
[08:29:58] <@mattstone> You mean 5th grade? Only if Mr. Garrison can move up too and be their teacher. I don't know maybe....

[08:30:04] <@jolon> from [374] wallyosu -> How did Butters get his nickname?
[08:30:07] <@miles> Zakor -> has kenny got a little sister or what? where did she come from?
[08:31:12] <@mattstone> Butters got his nickname after calling "little buddy" over and over for about 3 years. Eventually it kind of morphed into butters. Kenny's little sister is a mystery to me as well.

[08:31:33] <@miles> Various people have asked, are there any plans for a Special Edition of BLU?
[08:32:50] <@mattstone> No plans right now. We have no deleted scenes, there is no docementary footage of a making of so the only thing it could be is a commentary track. To be perfectly truthful, both trey and I hate doing commentary tracks. I don't know why.

[08:33:11] <@miles> Niels asks, any chance for an unhooded Kenny episode? And who would voice him, if not Mike Judge?
[08:34:21] <@mattstone> Well Mike's pretty good at doing voices himself so it would be a tough act to follow. Maybe a different person every week. Like a guest voice. Oprah one week, Will Ferrell the next. That'd be cool!!!!

[08:34:51] <@miles> Various people have asked: Will we ever learn who really is Cartman's mother?
[08:35:37] <@mattstone> I haven't thought of that in awhile. That would be a good episode. maybe its Oprah..... Or will Ferrall.....

[08:36:08] <@j0l0n> from superhippie20 -> will orgazmo ever visit south park?
[08:36:52] <@mattstone> Orgazmo just cam out on DVD btw! Finally! But no, I don't think so. Although the boys do have his poster. They are fans of his.

[08:37:20] <@miles> Homer -> Since Mr. Garrison is now a woman, will Mr. Slave ever return?
[08:37:47] <@mattstone> We were just talking about that. I don't think he's gone for good. He's too fucking funny. Oh Jesus!

[08:38:08] <@j0l0n> from Paul -> Do you and Trey watch a lot of anime?
[08:39:23] <@mattstone> Trey is a true nippophile (lover of things Japanese) so he sees a bit. But I wouldn't say he's a huge fan. Me, I don't watch many movies or TV at all. I'm kind on a wierd anti tvmovie kick lately. So not a ton.

[08:39:36] <@j0l0n> from Henbob -> What made you think of the canadians having those funny head and everything is square? its brilliant! cheers
[08:40:41] <@mattstone> Well the idea came to us during a trip to Toronto. That's just the way they all look up there. btw, trey and I are going to toronto sometime this summer to promote Team America DVD release. Hopefully we won't get our asses kicked@!

[08:40:54] <@miles> benben -> In a shock twist, does Cartman have any Jewsian ancestry?
[08:41:39] <@mattstone> He kind of looks jewsian. And certainly acts that way. If he grows up and controls some major media outlets, then we'll have to start REALLY wondering.

[08:41:56] <@miles> A lot of people have asked, any plans for DVDA? How about an album?
[08:43:16] <@mattstone> DVDA is simply on a long long extended, possibly permenant haitus. No plans as of now. We are 34 and 35 now. Playing stupid rocks songs starts to look more and more sad. No one likes an old rocker. Except Rachel Hunter I guess.

[08:43:38] <@j0l0n> from sps_user208 -> Hi, I'm British. To what extent has British comedy had an effect on the humour in South Park?
[08:45:08] <@mattstone> Totally. Tery and I are huge british comedy fans. I ONLY watch british tv shows. I love Steve Coogan, Chris Morris, Sacha Cohen.... Little Britain is amazing. ALso, Trey and I still watch MOnty Python from time to time. British comedy is just better. I don't know why

[08:45:45] <@j0l0n> from ellgasm7883 -> what kind of music do u like? hate?
[08:46:50] <@mattstone> I like all types (cliche but true) Lately I have been listening to a band called Iron and Wine. Its kind of mellow. Also, i listen to bad brains and Jay Z and chopin and I never go more then a week without the hammer of the gods.

[08:47:01] <@miles> {[zepp]} -> What's your opinion on piracy? If someone download Team America and really enjoys the movie, but not buying it afterwards, how do you feel about that?
[08:48:23] <@mattstone> I don't care about piracy for our stuff. I find it a fascinating thing to talk about, how the world is changing and all. But we're not like Lars over here. Its going to be interesting to see what happens over the next few years though.

[08:48:31] <@miles> JibFlank -> How much longer is the Kyle/Cartman feud gonna last? Its getting old, we wanna see the boys team together like in the old days!
[08:49:08] <@mattstone> You got it! Kyle and Cartman team up to.... We'll figure something out.

[08:49:29] <@j0l0n> from superhippie20 -> why do alot of characters that do nothing have the name of kevin?
[08:50:02] <@mattstone> Because Kevin is such a shitty, whitebread name. Aplogies to all the kevins out there. Not you.

[08:50:19] <@miles> Various people have asked: Do you guys really hate Hippies?
[08:51:20] <@mattstone> Trey does for sure. All hippies. I have a love/HATE relationship with them. I am definitely friends with some, but they definitely annoy me. Actually, the entire woodstock/60's thing bugs me. And all of San Franscisco too.

[08:51:27] <@miles> Another topic that's come up a lot: The visual style of the show has changed a lot over the years; what do you think about these changes? Will they continue?
[08:52:18] <@mattstone> Yes it will continue. I love the fact the show keeps developing and getting better visually. We are worki8ng really hard so the show keeps fresh

[08:52:29] <@j0l0n> from missycartman -> how do you relax after making a south park episode ?
[08:54:06] <@mattstone> Well, we only have Wed afternoon really. So no much time. BTW IMPORTANT!!! If you haven't heard, we are only doing 7 not 8 episodes this run. Sorry about that, but some scheduling bullshit is making it so we can only do 7 this run. But don't worry, we're back in the fall just as planned.

[08:54:30] <@j0l0n> from Aids -> So how did Wing come into your life?
[08:56:00] <@mattstone> A friend of ours recommended her website and we just started listeing and were just hooked. She is amazing. Her website traffic went up like 1000 times its normal traffic after the epsiode. We had to spread the love on that one.

[08:56:10] <@miles> PC -> will professor chaos appear again? Will he ever be victorious?
[08:57:03] <@mattstone> I hope pro chaos will appear. I don't know if he will ever win though.

[08:57:22] <@miles> benben -> When you're writing an episode, do you work around the theme or let the funny stories find one?
[09:00:15] <@mattstone> Its always different. Sometimes we start with theme, but most of the time we start with a funny idea.... Like the boys mix up the chinese mafia and a hollywood talent agency... Or an afterschool special about a gay person but lets make it about a dog.... Or cartman gets a million dollars and buys an amusement park, but keeps it for himselfl. If you can come up with an idea that is intrinsically funny, then you can start talkling about the MO

[09:00:34] <@miles> colacentral -> Think we'll see more "That's my Bush"? do you think that, in the event of That's My Bush! being picked up for a second season, there would be any way to write another 8 shows worth of material?
[09:00:45] <@j0l0n> from Marion -> Have you ever spoken to Michael Bay in person?
[09:00:48] <@j0l0n> sorry.
[09:00:51] <@j0l0n> ignore mine :)
[09:01:15] <@mattstone> I don't think That's My Bush is in our future. Of course there is tons of material both with pres bush and sitcom drivel.

[09:01:50] <@j0l0n> from sps_user208 -> Hey how is your collection of photographs of celebrities being farted on coming on? Got any new ones?
[09:02:38] <@mattstone> No new ones of that. But we tried to get one recently of trey shitting on Jennifer Lopez. Camera screwed up....

[09:02:46] <@miles> |-EVIL-JOE-| -> Many of the older characters have been gone for a long time (Ned, Jimbo, Barbrady) why is the show mainly about the four boys now?
[09:03:27] <@mattstone> We just like the four boys the best. THere are no rules.... But stories with the four boys seem to be our favorites. Anything can happen though.

[09:03:32] <@miles> BigWill -> How did you get hooked up with Les Claypool for the theme song and such?
[09:04:43] <@mattstone> I was the biggest primus fan in the world back in the day (1990) We just wrote them a letter asking them to do the theme song and enclosed the spirit of xmas. And they did it. Still a dream come true. Just talked to les yesterday. We're good friends and its been a great hookup!!!

[09:04:54] <@j0l0n> from iluvstanmarsh -> How much of the BBS do you and trey read?
[09:06:06] <@mattstone> Sometimes. We don't really look for opinions of shows. We have to figure out our own way on that, not listen to the crowd. But I do check it out every once in awhile.

[09:06:18] <@miles> Cochy and other ask: Will we see more of the Goth kids? What do you think of Goths?
[09:07:18] <@mattstone> Yes! Goth kids are great! I don't really think of goths much, its just one of those things that I remember from high school. Actually, one time I fell for a goth girl in college. i was like "what the fuck, I'm falling for a goth chick!"

[09:07:31] <@j0l0n> from oddjeff -> what happened to the hidden visitors?
[09:07:57] <@mattstone> I think Eric got tired of doing it every week to tell u the truth..... Or maybe he just got WAY better at hiding them.

[09:08:19] <@j0l0n> from Thoraxcorp -> Why is it that in Die Hippie die, Butter's dad is named Steven, not Chris?
[09:08:40] <@mattstone> I think we just fucked up. That's pretty lame huh?

[09:08:51] <@miles> Radiohead on 501...was that a deal in which you and Trey were fans and wanted them, like with Robert Smith?
[09:10:12] <@mattstone> I'm a huge radiohead fan and we got to talking with the guys in the band and they wanted to do a voice. I don't know if they were pysched on what the episode became with scott tenorman eating his parents. Great guys in that band. Really nice people. I know that sounds suck-up, but its true.

[09:10:28] <@j0l0n> from Kaileykorn -> Do you speak any other languages?
[09:11:24] <@mattstone> I speak ok travel spanish. Like I can get a beer and a hooker without a problem. But don't ask me to discuss politics in spanish.

[09:12:38] <@miles> Oyaji -> What do you think about South Park fanfiction? Especially the more adult variety?
[09:13:02] <@mattstone> Never read any fanfiction. Sorry. I guess I'm afraid it will be good.

[09:13:10] <@j0l0n> from Marion -> Do you think there is any better use for the internet than porn?
[09:13:52] <@mattstone> I love internet porn. No going out in public or embarrising envelopes....

[09:14:13] <@miles> Kila -> Do you hate Canadians as much as the movie seemed to indicate?
[09:14:40] <@mattstone> Don't hate canadians at all! The movie was satire. I think.

[09:14:48] <@j0l0n> from ABassCube -> Is Jesus ever going to come back in South Park?
[09:15:12] <@mattstone> Jesus might return. His second, or is it third coming...

[09:15:35] <@miles> Kaileykorn -> Who's your fav. SP character?
[09:16:36] <@mattstone> My fav is the same as everyone. Cartman. He's perfect evil. I love him!! OKDOE!!! I gotta get back to work on tommorrows episode pretty soon! Thank you all for your questions and I hope you had a good time!!

[09:16:51] <@miles> Thanks for stopping by, Matt.
[09:16:57] <@miles> We appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule.
[09:17:04] <@j0l0n> Thanks for your time Matt !
[09:17:06] <@mattstone> THANKS! I really had fun!