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Canada on Strike



Canadaaa! Canadaaa! Canadaaa! Canadaaa!
Canada on strike! Canada says "No more!"
No more neglect! we want respect!
That's what we're striking for!
All you bureacrats and corporate cats...


...can all just take a hike!


It's Canada... on strike!

Canada on strike! From Vancouver to St. John's
We raise our little fingers for you all to sit upon!
And with our fingers up your ass,
You won't be very psyched.
It's Canada... on strike!

And we will not bow a bunch! Our resolve is strong!
We even took three hours to rehearse this striking song!

Canada on strike! No matter where you are,
If you are Canadian then you've got to do your part!
March out of the halls!


That's right, suck my Canadian balls!
It's Canada... on strike!


It's Canada! Canada! Canada! On Strike!