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Tree Of Life

Sun Nov 18, 2012 8:45 pm
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"Behold ye travelers! Yon deep in dense forests of Blackwood, grows legendary Ashenvale Grove, from where all life cameth, and to where it shalt return at the end of time. Woe to any wretched soul who in their audacity (or foolishness) try to disturb serenity of thine sacred land: Thy ever vigilant forest spirits in form of ferocious beasts will unrelentingly hunt him or her down, and devour flesh off his or her bones. Within thy Grove, stands the Elven holy of holies: Great Tree of Life. Elven folk sayeth it's older than thy land of Southparkia itself, and it remembers the times when ye Elder Gods hast walken thy earth. The College of Elders are tending thy Grove and listen to thy leaves whispering in autumn wind. For thy Druids treateth thy Tree of Life like an oracle, they understand the prophetic rustle and interpret it to anyone who asks thy tree for advice, wether it is Elven King Auriel Oberon himself, or a humble peasant. Many pilgrims cometh to Ashenvale with offerings in form of flowers, wreaths, lights and fine elven jewelery, just to hang their gfts on olde branches, or bury them under roots."

Anonymous Southparkian Historian, Ye Olde Book of Lore.
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