Joh'khar the Dark

Joh'khar the Dark

Mon Mar 18, 2013 12:38 pm
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Race: Lich
Profession: Death Knight
Weapon of choice: Grimblade

Nothing is quite known about Sir Joh'khar, except he was once a general in Princess Janina's II army, and the right hand man of Eggiz'lah, King of Worms. Even Joh'Khar himself doesn't remember his life before becoming undead. It seems that King of Worms put a curse upon Joh'khar, forcing him to do his master's bidding. During the battle of Planearia (Southparkian realm Capitol), he was hit hard on the head, which disabled the spell. He saw clearly all of the atrocities he has done while under Eggiz'lah's spell, and as a way to redeem himself, he denied his old masters, and joined CoSP. Despite being undead, Joh'khar was happily greeted amongst the champions. His knowledge on Fiends of Southparkia, their tactics, strengths and weaknesses provided many victories. Joh'khar himself is a terrific warrior, and a fantastic leader. Although brooding and dark in nature, Joh'khar is known for his twisted sense of humour. He quickly became friends with 3lvissus, because they share not only race, but also deep hatred for King of Worms....
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